Pupils have designs on engineering future

By Farnham Herald in Local People

ALTON Convent School has won the TeenTech City of Tomorrow competition, an initiative that offers students in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 (eight to 14 year olds) the opportunity to apply their knowledge of science, technology and engineering to create their own vision of the city.

The students have to really think about what the buildings of the future could be like: How would they generate their own energy? How would they be environmentally friendly?

The activity highlights career pathways in construction, engineering and technology and promotes good citizenship.

Last September, the Alton Convent School’s science departments of the prep and senior schools hosted a TeenTech City of Tomorrow event. They invited other primary schools and year six students built an amazing selection of innovative buildings, all from recycled materials.

As a result, Alton Convent School’s budding designers were invited to the national final and, last month, Daisy Harrap, Amelia Smythe and Cadi West took one of the best of the school’s buildings, designed by Luke Blackmore, Alex Lelliott and James Warne who were unable to attend due to a rugby match, to the event which was held at the Emirates Stadium in London.

During the day, which was hosted by TeenTech chief executive Maggie Philbin and BBC’s Dallas Campbell, the girls took part in interactive industry challenges from leading employers, a BBC micro:bit live coding challenge, and they also had a tour of the stadium!

Alton Convent School year six students topped 13 categories to win one of only three prizes which were awarded for the buildings that the judges felt that were the ‘smartest, safest and kindest’. The judges particularly liked the small footprint of the building, the magnetic walls and the rooftop garden where the family could charge their bikes.

The convent school students were congratulated on the clear vision behind the building, the way that they had thought of everything and the clarity and professionalism of their pitch.

The school is delighted to have been awarded three Kano computer kits which the prep school pupils can build and program.

Amelia summed up the day perfectly when she said that it had been “brilliant and inspirational and so much fun!”.

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